About A&G Diesel & Fleet Management

About A&G Diesel

A&G Diesel LLC, A&G Truck Beds and LINE-X of Clarksville. It can get confusing, three different businesses under the same roof? We’ll explain.

A&G Diesel and Fleet Management opened the doors in 2009, as a “mom and pop shop.” George Watson, our owner, incredibly family oriented named his business after his two children Abby and Gage. He started this company while he worked at Orgain Building Supply in town. He was employed there for 22 years. One of their supply trucks had a few issues while their mechanic was out for personal reasons. He started to make phone calls to get the truck repaired and realized there was a significant lack of shops in Clarksville. So, what did George do? He started to brainstorm, his mind immediately went to Wayne Abrams. Wayne owned a body shop here in town, and he had three bays he was no longer using. That day, George met with Wayne at his shop. Wayne was in the middle of his lunch when he said, “follow me.” He brought George out to check out the shop and said, “I want you in here by the first of the month.” George knew this opportunity was too good to pass up. But the first was two weeks away?! Somehow, he pulled it off.

It wasn’t always sunshine; any business owner can tell you of the feelings of self-doubt that come with the new responsibilities of owning a business. Any one of them will tell you how hard it is to find a skilled staff, especially in this industry. It is not an easy one. Everything on the line, he pushed forward. With his leadership, and the staff he finally acquired the business grew and grew. Just not always in the direction the had originally expected.

In 2016 George was able to purchase the building behind the shop, that building had a real office- with a show room and four more work bays out back! About that time, we heard about CM Truck Beds for the first time. We installed our first truck bed that same year. Once word was out, we were a dealer, we had people driving from all over the area to get beds installed.

In 2017 we grew even more; we became a franchise for LINE-X Bedliners. That is when LINE-X of Clarksville was added. With becoming a LINE-X Franchise, that opened the door for truck accessories. Now, we can fix your truck, and make it the truck of your dreams. Our journey has been long, but our story is just beginning. In 2021 we gained ownership of LINE-X of West TN/A&G Truck Beds in Jackson Tennessee, and renovations are currently being done on LINE-X of Chattanooga/A&G Truck Beds in Chattanooga Tennessee. The renovations will be complete in early 2022. At this point, expansion only made sense. We had customers driving all the way to us from both of those areas. We needed more space to do what we do best- trucks.

We love and appreciate every person that trusts us with their truck. Every truck driver, every farmer, every lineman, every business owner, every truck owner, we appreciate you. We take pride in what we do, so you can take pride in what you do. This is our story, and we hope to be a small part of yours.

Clarksville Diesel Repair, Line-X Bed Liners and Truck Bed Accessories